Powerfully present opportunities, remotely.

Use Stack to truly showcase your assets, inspiring and engaging prospective buyers with virtual replicas and tours from anywhere in the world, saving time and travel.

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Save time and travel, with virtual tours.

Allow prospective buyers to see and inspect your asset from anywhere, by providing an immersive and engaging experience that goes beyond photography and video.

Save hours of time and travel with immersive virtual replicas and tours

Unlock up to 9% higher deal price by using a Stack with virtual tours

Give asset data more meaning and context, by telling the story of the asset through an interactive experience

Graphic of agent sharing a link with different permissions to different people

Create unique presentations for every prospective buyer.

Create unique presentations of your assets for every prospective buyer that you send a link to.

Choose what data each prospective buyer can see

Know what each user is looking at, with a tracked link unique to each user

Password protect versions with sensitive data

Add a custom welcome message for each user

Communicate the value of the asset.

Add financial data and tenancy information as well as building amenities, nearby points of interest and locational information, all wrapped in an interactive virtual replica.

Sell the location of the asset by adding nearby amenities, transport and points of interest

Represent building data

Password protect sensitive information

1 Woolworths Way Office Building 3D Model

Sold with Stack, with no in-person inspections.

$450 million

1 Woolworths Way

“Being able to now showcase properties using Virtual Tours and 3D Interactive models allows anyone online to complete a comprehensive virtual inspection. These solutions seamlessly integrate into our current online marketing strategy providing greater data insight into how a campaign is preforming.”

Andrew Wilson,
McGees Property

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