Virtual replicas & 360 tours

Interactive virtual replicas of your existing properties and new developments.

Inspire and engage prospective tenants, buyers, and your internal team with interactive virtual replicas of your assets that can be used for leasing, marketing, asset sales, and portfolio data management and analysis.

Interactive 3D virtual replicas that wrap all your media and information into one experience

An immersive experience that goes beyond just photography and video

Showcase new developments and unbuilt spaces

360 virtual tours for both existing and unbuilt spaces.

Select a space on the virtual replica to launch a first person walkthrough experience, allowing people to inspect your properties from anywhere, any time.

Allow people to virtually walk through spaces

Use CGI virtual tours to showcase the potential of empty or unbuilt spaces with multiple fitout concepts

Plug in any existing virtual tours you have already, or have our Studio team produce them for you

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Use Stack anywhere.

Use Stacks to better lease, sell, or manage your property in all the places it appears across the web or on digital devices. Brand your stacks with your own look and feel.

Add to your property websites

Add to your listings on portals

Use Stack to present in-person

Add to your internal management tools

Link it to your social ads and EDMs

Use the standalone URL

Apply your branding to your Stacks

Stack on multiple devices
“We've used Stack successfully for several campaigns, both office and industrial. It's really driven our leasing team to think of technology as an enabler, not just an after thought.”

Sue-Lin Tin,
Head of Digital Solutions and Innovation, CBRE

Analytics & reporting

See what properties and spaces are performing best.

Get realtime engagement metrics across your entire portfolio and individual properties.

Learn which spaces are performing best with virtual tour engagement data

Use campaign links to track incoming activity from different traffic sources like ads and emails

Use data for reporting

Analytics interface

Customization & privacy

Create unique presentations of your property for every person.

Choose what listings and information each user can see

Create a tracked link for every user

Password protect versions with sensitive data

Graphic of agent sharing a link with different permissions to different people

Password protect links to your properties.

Add passwords to links that show sensitive asset data and are for specific people only.

Password protect window

Content & media

All your leasing information and marketing collateral in one place.

Use the Stack content management system (CMS) to add all your tenancy and listing information, building amenities, nearby points of interest.

Centralize your leasing information and marketing materials

Add and manage tenancy and listing information

Content Management System

Coming soon - integrate with your CRM and leasing management software.

Soon you will be able to simply plug your other systems into Stack, so everything is in sync and automatically updated.

All your leasing data, marketing materials, CRM data and more, synced to your Stacks

Logos of CRM and leasing management platforms

Portfolio map


Coming soon - your entire portfolio, fully visualized on an interactive map.

Use as an internal portfolio management and analysis tool

Showcase your entire portfolio to prospective investors

Add more properties over time

Map with analytics

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