Inspace enters a new era

September 19, 2022

Today, Inspace unveils its refreshed brand identity, retaining its past while reimagining its future. The Stack and Studio brands have been unified and are now represented under the single brand, Inspace. 

As Inspace continues to rapidly innovate, the refreshed brand paves the way for an incredible tech roadmap to be delivered, while enhancing every detail of the customer experience from onboarding to everyday use of the intuitive platform. Users will now digitize entire portfolios, beautifully presenting multiple assets on an intuitive interface.

Inspired by the built environment that Inspace digitizes, the colour palette is composed of sandstone, terracotta, sky, grass and slate grey tones with plenty of whitespace to hero our client’s brand, artwork and renders. Hinting a cube shape, the logo symbolizes 3D space, while suggesting the concept of layers and levels. On top of this, the geometry of the shape indicates a tech stack, speaking to the fusion of the built environment and digital technology.

Inspace is the integrated property presentation platform for the new era, enabling over $2 billion in real estate transactions monthly for the world’s largest real estate firms. Allowing landlords, real estate agencies and investment funds to centralize data, media and collateral, create interactive digital presentations and track analytics.

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