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Be the first to identify  leads on your assets.

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of tenants expect to see a tour before they inspect physically.

Increase engagement with immersive virtual experiences.

Allow audiences to see and inspect your assets from anywhere, with immersive and engaging experiences that go beyond photography and video.

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Inspace platform centralizes data, media, and collateral documents

All your data, media and collateral in one experience.

Centralize all your collateral in one seamless experience that can be easily tailored for every use case and customized for every prospect.

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Galleries and videos

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Interactive 3D asset models

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Virtual tours of existing or unbuilt spaces

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Data and information

Collect realtime insights from analytics.

Gather realtime engagement metrics for each asset. Get insight into where your traffic is coming from and what they’re looking at.

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See where traffic is coming from using tracked links

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Learn which assets and spaces are performing best with virtual tour engagement data

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Use data for reporting

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Embedding Inspace Stack on a website

Add immersive experiences to your websites easily.

Add virtual replicas and interactive asset maps to your websites by copying and pasting an embed code.

Showcase all your availabilities.

Share and present all your vacancies in one seamless experience. Use virtual replicas to represent each asset, providing information, media, and virtual tours.

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Powerful Prospect Self-Discovery

Boost campaigns for new developments with 360° interactive renditions that immViewers can self-discover with powerful search based on their needs such as location, size, fit-out, pricing and building grade.

Prospects can access detailed property information at a glance, including availability, floor plans, virtual tours, images and more. Prospective tenants can even explore nearby location highlights such as transport and surrounding amenities.erse prospects in spaces that haven’t been built yet.

Virtual tour of office space

Showcase new developments and unbuilt spaces.

Boost campaigns for new developments with 360° interactive renditions that immerse prospects in spaces that haven’t been built yet.

Replace IM’s with trackable interactive presentations.

Inspire prospective tenants to see themselves in the spaces you’re leasing, with immersive experiences that blend exterior and interior virtual tours.

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Save hours of time on inspections with virtual tours

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Close deals up to 31% faster by utilizing Inspace

A Dedicated Customer Success Team

At Inspace, we work alongside our customers for the long term. Your dedicated Inspace Customer Success Manager will be there for every step of the way, to ensure your team are fully set up with integrations, automations, user access, marketing strategy, training and more. From there, we’ll be tracking performance with you across the funnel to optimise for leasing revenue - ↑ Increase in Leads + ↑ Engagement / ↑ Conversion =  Less vacant days in market.

“Inspace have created a product that I believe is now an essential tool for all our developments. It adds an extra element to the aesthetics of our marketing campaigns as well as giving us the ability to see and track where interest is coming from through the analytics portal.”

Ben Tegg
Kiel & Co Developments

Any device, no app needed.

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Desktop and laptop

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No downloads required

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