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Raise & retain capital with your Fund’s next-gen digital experience

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Groups make decisions
24% faster
using virtual tools like Inspace.

Tell the story of the investment opportunity.

Provide a stand-out investor experience. Whether for single assets or entire portfolios — use interactive, data-rich experiences that visually tell the narrative of the opportunity to  enable high retention and value.

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Inspace Digital Portfolio map

Provide an immersive investor portal.

Add data for your whole portfolio and for every individual asset. Attach full reports and documents. Link it to your website for investor login.

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Data and information

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Interactive 3D asset models and media galleries

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Virtual tours of existing or unbuilt spaces

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Contextual maps and nearby points of interest

Automate or Replace your PDF Investor Reports

Bring to life your existing IM’s or create new versions with a few clicks into trackable interactive presentations that can connect to and overlay relevant data and information that tells a visual narrative that makes a difference.

Not only that, have each of these interactive Inspace IM’s be trackable so you can keep an eye on what matters, when it matters.

Reduce & Empower Investor Queries

With this cutting edge investor experience, most investor queries can be answered by a few clicks self-directed by an investor. For anyone else, respond to any investor query by simply selecting the relevant assets and data and easily share it off as a link.

Save travel with virtual investor roadshows.

Present your portfolio virtually, allowing  prospective investors to inspect every asset in your portfolio. Present it yourself, or send them a unique link for a self-guided tour.

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Save hours of time and travel with immersive virtual replicas and tours

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Unlock up to 9% higher deal price

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Customizing Inspace and gathering analytics on a tracked link

Personalize for each investor and track activity.

Create a unique link for every investor, curating the content that is most relevant to them. Collect analytics on how they engage with your assets.

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Create a unique tracked link for every investor

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Choose what they can see

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Add a personal welcome message and password protection

Showcase assets with interactive virtual replicas.

Easily create integrated, immersive experiences that combine interior, exterior, data and media for every asset.

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Virtual tour of office space
Industrial asset on digital portfolio map with data overlay

Present rich context and data.

Add financial data, tenancy information, building amenities, maps with nearby points of interest, locational information, and more.

A Dedicated Customer Success Team

At Inspace, we work alongside our customers for the long term. Your dedicated Inspace Customer Success Manager will be there for every step of the way, to ensure your team are fully set up with integrations, automations, user access, marketing strategy, training and more. From there, we’ll be tracking performance with you across the funnel to optimise for leasing revenue - ↑ Increase in Leads + ↑ Engagement / ↑ Conversion =  Less vacant days in market.

All Centralised In One Integrated Platform

Rather than updating all of your materials and listing separately, Inspace can be automatically updated with integrations to your current systems, or even become your single source of truth - centralising all of your data and digital assets.

Any device, no app needed.

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Desktop and laptop

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No downloads required

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“Being able to now showcase properties using Virtual Tours and 3D Interactive models allows anyone online to complete a comprehensive virtual inspection. These solutions seamlessly integrate into our current online marketing strategy providing greater data insight into how a campaign is preforming.”

Andrew Wilson
McGees Property

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